You try to prepare for it and agonize over it. You even try to ignore it. And then poof it creeps up on you. Deployment day.

Two days ago I said see you later to my favorite Navy Navigator for the next 7-10 months.

It was one of the hardest/ proudest days of my life. He has spent so much time training for this moment.

It’s true I didn’t want to hug him goodbye. My brain still can’t wrap its head around that he will be gone for so long. (This isn’t our first deployment but it sure feels like it is).

But at the same time standing on the pier watching him man the rails & do his job was one of the coolest & proudest moments of my life. I got to see him do what he loves. To understand what he is doing. To see his willingness to sacrifice. It’s pretty incredible.

Don’t get me wrong I ugly cried. Just ask my friend standing next to me. But I also laughed and smiled.

Deployment is a crazy hard day. One of the hardest we faced in the military. But once you get past it. You are one day closer. No more anticipating them leaving. The count down begins.

To all my fellow military spouses who just said see you later. I am thinking about you. Praying for you and sending you lots of hugs. We got this! We are one day closer ♥️

So many people have said to me that they can’t imagine this day. That they couldn’t do it. And I used to feel that way too. It is hard to understand unless you have lived it yourself. But we always find a way.♥️

To all my fellow military spouses who just had their deployment days and to those that are anticipating one, you are not alone. We will get through this together.

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officer hugs his wife goodbye before heading out on deployment for 10 months
One last hug before deployment. Photo by my dear friend Alexis of Homefront Photography