Are you wondering “What to expect from a Covid19 Military Homecoming?” Your loved one has been deployed and he is getting ready to come home but you are worried about how this homecoming might be different?

When my husband returned home from deployment in July we where in the thick of lockdowns still. I remember when our Ombudsman broke the news to us, we won’t be able to have a “normal” homecoming. You will have to stay in your car and wear a mask. You can’t bring extended family with you. I was near broken. The other wives kept texting me, apologizing to me because my first homecoming wasn’t going to be a normal one. There wasn’t going to be a cook out. We weren’t going to all come together and celebrate like we normally do. But here’s the truth: the day was still incredibly special! Actually I would say it’s perfect! Here’s what I learned. 

Yes, we had to stay in our cars and separate. But that didn’t stop us. We honked our horns, rolled down our windows and decorated our windows. Family’s stood in the back of their trucks.

Yes, we had to wear a mask but I took mine off the second that my husband was in my arms. It didn’t change the feeling and it didn’t ruin any photos. It was just an added accessory 

It’s true, at least for my husbands homecoming, we couldn’t get extended family on base. And while I would have loved to have my family there it was nice to have that moment alone with my other half that I have been missing.

Hiring a homecoming photographer is still possible. It’s just easier if you find someone who is a military spouse or veteran so you don’t have to worry about sponsoring them onto base.

So yes homecomings look different. But honestly I don’t think the feelings are any different. It’s still special. And honestly I wouldn’t change anything about my first homecoming with my husband.

(Side note: Covid19 Military Homecoming protocols vary across the country, this is just my experience be sure to clarify with your command).

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