Whether you are preparing for you first deployment or your fifteenth deployment it never gets easier and their are always different ways that you can prepare for your loved one’s deployment. Here are a few tips and tricks that I have picked up along the way.

4 tips to keep in mind while preparing for deployment:

  1. Write each other “open when notes.” These are notes that you can send with your loved one and that they can leave with you to open when: “you miss them,” “you are having a bad day,” “you need a hug,” “you miss our dates,” “you can’t talk to me”. These are just a few ideas.
  2. Record videos for your loved one to watch while they are deployed and videos that you can watch. It’s always nice to see your loved ones face and hear their voice. I recommend recording videos for milestones or even just a video to watch when your loved one misses you. Some of my friends and clients have recorded videos the way some people write their “open when notes.” My husband recorded a video for me before he deployed and I watched it numerous times while he was deployed.
  3. Take pre-deployment photos. Its the perfect excuse to pause the crazy emotions and todo lists and just spend time together. (looking for more reasons to take pre-deployment photos visit my blog post about pre-deployment photos)
  4. Sit down with your loved one and talk about things. Talk about whats making you nervous. What you are excited about. Set expectations. It’s hard to talk about deployment but its so important to get your emotions and fears out there. To set up expectations. Communication can be limited during deployment so it’s easier to talk before your loved one deploys.

Looking for tips for how to adjust to deployment? Visit my blog post “Adjusting to Deployment”

sailor prepares to leave for first deployment
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