USS Detriot deployment begins as they leave Naval Station Mayport in the fall of 2020. Because of Covid family members where not able to gather on the pier like usual, they where not able to hug their loved ons goodbye. In fact, it they hugged their sailors goodbye over two weeks ago. Although things look different, many things are still the same.

The sailors still man the rails. The families still wave. Both standing proud and tall.

I used to dread deployment day, and honestly I still don’t look forward to it but I have a new found appreciation for them.

I was given a great piece of advice from a fellow military wife, when Phil and I first got married. She said I have two choices, when Phil deploys. I could let me life stop, get really sad and resent that Phil is gone or I can embrace it, celebrate it, be thankful for it.

I wish every American could watch a deployment. That they could watch the men and women man the rails, standing tall and proud as they set sail. I wish they could see the families on the pier who’s lives have been interrupted and who already miss their loved ones and yet they are also standing tall and proud. I felt an overwhelming amount of pride, sadness, strength, patriotism and love as I stood there. It’s a feeling I had never felt before. Like military homecomings, its hard to explain what a deployment feels like unless you have experienced on yourself.

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