Searching for tips for your first military homecoming? It doesn’t matter which branch of the military your loved one is serving in, a few basics are the same. Here are a few tips I wish I had known before my first military homecoming!

7 Tips for your first Military Homecoming:

  1. Bring snacks and water. Homecoming is the best day but also a long day. And having food and beverages keeps everyone happy. I highly recommend bringing water and clean snacks, especially if you are having photos taken. Things like red gatorade and Cheetos are delicious but they can stain your teeth or get on your clothing.
  2. Consider bring a change of shoes! You might be standing for a while. I recommend bring a pair of comfy shoes to wear while you wait. Otherwise, your feet will get tired! I am all for the cute shoes, you can always slip them on right before your loved arrives.
  3. Bring either a sign or a flag! You don’t have to. But I think having something to hold, it helps with the nerves. I am the type of person that is always wondering what to do with my hands.
  4. Try your best to sleep well the night before or take a nap. It’s so hard but so important! Homecoming is a long emotional day.
  5. If you have kiddos consider bringing them toys and even a change of clothes. There is a lot of standing around and waiting, having fun activities for the kiddos always helps.
  6. Test your outfit out (more than just in your bedroom mirror), especially if you are having photos/video taken of your reunion. Keep in mind that it can be windy and that your loved one might pick you up when they first see you.
  7. Hire a photographer that is either a military spouse or has been to a military homecoming before. If you are hiring someone that has never attend a homecoming make sure they know what to expect. Explain to them that there can be delays (especially last minute ones). Make sure they are comfortable with staying.

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