Are you trying to brainstorm different military homecoming sign ideas and don’t know where to start?

I completely understand. When I finally decided to make a homecoming sign for my husband I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know what to say. What to write. Honestly, I felt self-conscious about what I was writing. I didn’t know where to start. I started over countless times and ended up with four Homecoming signs. In the end I made a game time decision. 

Here are a few different ideas to get the ball rolling for you.

5 Ideas for you Military Homecoming Sign:

  1. If you have kiddos have them help you! I love it when I see the kiddos holding signs with there hand prints on them! Some fun ideas for quotes when you have kids:
    • “Walking to daddy/mom for the first time.”
    • “I’ve waited my whole life to meet you”
    • “Move out of the way! We get our daddy/mom back today”
    • “These are the hands that prayed for you.”
    • “Hand over my dadd/mommy”
  2. Keep it simple with a classic sign
    • “Welcome home _____”
    • “I have waited ____ days for this moment.”
    • “Best day ever”
  3. Make a rhyme or pun!
    • “His eyes are blue his boots are black get out of my way my sailor is back”
    • “No more reporting for duty. Just report for booty”
    • “Missed me, Missed me now you gotta kiss me!”
  4. Do a classic.
    • “Home is where the heart is and mine is finally home”
    • “Not all hero’s wear capes. Mine wears a flight suite”
    • “Always under the same stars. Finally under the same roof!” 
    • “I’d wait for you forever but ____ days/months was long enough.”
    • “the one where deployment ends”
  5. Use a quote!
    • “Love endures all things even deployment” 

At the end of the day I realized it didn’t really matter. Your loved one is just excited to see you after so many months apart. So just have fun with it.

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